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    Quality Structural Steel Fabrication in California and Why You Need It

    You have many steel structures at your facility that you need to improve, repair, or upgrade, and you aren’t sure where to turn. We can help. UDC Corporation has many years of structural steel fabrication in California behind us. We feel comfortable providing unique services to help your facility operate at peak efficiency. Here’s what you need to know.

    What is Structural Steel Fabrication?

    Structural steel is a specialized metal option that uses reinforcement techniques to increase the steel’s strength. Fabrication is what you might expect: we work with structural steel and fabricate it or mold it to help meet your needs. Our team focuses on structural steel fabrication in California that will last for many years and create a powerful new look for your facility. Structural steel may:

    • Provide New Expansions: You can use structural steel when adding new elements to your facility. For example, you can fabricate new connecting components, stairs, decorations, support structures, and even rooms using this material. The scope of your project is dictated by your imagination.
    • Repair Damaged Areas: When your facility’s steel structures get damaged, fabrication may help by providing hands-on maintenance that keeps you safe. For example, if your observation decks get damaged and threaten to collapse on you, repairs with fabrication can keep them strong and secure.
    • Improve Aesthetics: Structural steel can be beautiful when properly maintained and enhanced. Thankfully, fabrication can improve the aesthetics of your structural steel and your facility in general, providing an attractive option that may work well for many people.

    Our fabrication process utilizes structural steel in a variety of ways. Later, we’ll discuss more specific items you can add to your facility using fabrication. This should make it easier to choose a method that makes the most sense for you; just as importantly, you can get many benefits that help make this process more effective for your business needs.

    The Benefits of This Process

    When choosing our structural steel fabrication process in California, you get access to many unique benefits. Understanding these benefits will help make this decision easier by giving you a better insight into what we can do for you. Just a few advantages of this process include:

    • Design Help: Our team of fabricators can provide hands-on design help when creating your structural steel fabrications. We work directly with you to ensure that you feel comfortable with what we’re doing and only make adjustments if you ask us. In this way, you get the look you need.
    • Professional Installation: Installing and fabricating structural steel requires a professional team that fully understands your project’s needs. Our crew is ready to work with you to ensure that your steel is adequately installed and provides the protection and long-term help you need.
    • Safety Assurance: Safety guidelines for California structural steel fabrications remain strict to protect residents and companies like yours. Our team understands these unique qualifications and can provide the protection that you need to keep your company safe.

    Keeping your structural steel fabrications vital may require expert repair and maintenance. Don’t forget that we can also help there! Our expert teams will come to your facility, inspect your structures, and create maintenance and repair processes that ensure your systems remain strong and protected.

    Ways to Use Structural Steel Fabrication

    If you’re still on the fence about whether you need California structural steel fabrication, it is a good idea to know just what kind of items you can get for your facility. You might be surprised at the sheer number of things you can anticipate when working with us. While the list below is quite extensive, it is only a sampling of the different ways we can help you with steel fabrication:

    • Safety Upgrades: California’s earthquake problem is no joke and can be very problematic for many businesses. Thankfully, structural steel fabrications can protect you by enhancing your seismic protection. You can also add other safety upgrades, such as more substantial support beams.
    • Staircases: Structural steel provides fantastic staircases and ladders that will provide your facility with maximum protection. You can consider fabricating unique stairs and ladders that snake through your facility and provide plenty of different options for walking and moving through your facility.
    • Mezzanines: Planning on upgrading your facility with more comfortable amenities? We can add a mezzanine to your structure for outdoor or indoor seating. This way, you can provide a unique experience for your customers.
    • Platforms: Installing new platforms throughout your facility can benefit storage or provide extra visibility. We can fabricate structural steel platforms with maximum strength and durability and the durable design you want and deserve for your factory.
    • Repairs and Upgrades: When upgrading and repairing your facility’s structural steel, our team can fabricate many new patches and designs that help your structure stay strong for years to come. Our team can also provide maintenance on these repairs to keep them strong.
    • Building Frames: If you’re planning to add new buildings to your facility, such as storage sheds, or even expand your current facility, we can help! New building frames with structural steel are solid and should help your building last much longer than average.
    • Rigging and Erecting: Our team of skilled structural steel fabricators can help with rigging and erecting your structure, taking the time to provide the hands-on help you need. This process is critical for those who want to get a personalized look and feel for their facility that looks and feels right for them.

    As you can see, there are many fabrication options that you can consider for your facility. It’s incredible to think that one material could be used for so many things! It’s also shocking to know that one company can create all of these items for you. However, we have created these products and much more for our customers over the years, so don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do for you.

    Get the Help You Deserve

    If you’re looking for the best structural steel fabrication in California and want to get started ASAP, contact us today at UDC Corporation to get started. When you call us, we will talk with you about your design needs, estimate our total costs, and walk you through each step of this process. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best experience possible for your needs.

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